Monday, 17 August 2015

Shepherd Hut Arrives

So exciting here at Pinks and Greens HQ. We have a Shepherds Hut on display in our front meadow, the Sheep love it and so do we. It has been made by Andrew a local chap and as you can see from the photos it is gorgeous so full of character.

 The best thing is it is For Sale so do come and have a look I will pop some more pictures on later this week!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Cushions Cushions Cushions!!

At last I have fulfilled an ambition to screen print and after lots of practice and many disasters I have now produced a really pretty cushion! Using Jem's lovely illustrations I have made two different prints and have more in the offing. Also I am about to make them  in a natural linen and cream linen. Perfect for your home or garden building, take a look!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Presents

Sewing Sewing Sewing! Orders for my aprons are rolling in. Garden aprons and half gardens make a great gift especially when they are wrapped in tissue and boxed with a free mini twine and just to make things even better FREE POSTAGE .... Perfect. Lavinia my youngest daughter loves modelling them so take a look on my website to choose a colour and place your order in time for Christmas.

                                    Lavinia in the Aubergine Apron    

Lavinia in the Sage Half Apron

Order now for Christmas delivery!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Studio begins!

This week has been very exciting as it has seen the beginning of the Pinks and Greens Studio! It feels a long time coming after tripping over material and stepping on needles and pins , Timothy  has decided that enough is enough! So the cement mixer chap arrived and now we have a base HURRAY!

As you can see the Cosmos is fighting to keep in the picture. Can't wait to redesign the beds in front of the building.

Summer the Jack Russel decides to help out, she had to be quickly bathed before setting!

Just admiring the lovely spot for the Studio. Watch this space for progress I will keep you posted step by step!

Bouquet from the Garden

Picking flowers from the garden for friends is one of the best feelings ever! 

Rollo ready to give flowers to Helen for her birthday, its amazing that a packet of Aster seeds for less than a glass of wine gives you a whole bed of beautiful blooms.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pick! Pick! Pick!

What a week so many things to pick all at once I am worn out! Have spent most evenings topping and tailing Gooseberries{ Pink and Green!!}. Raspberries, Strawberries,Blackcurrants,Loganberries. So many courgettes too. We have just eaten so much fresh veg and must have exceeded the 5 a day easily and have had lots of fun picking with our friends. Its so good this time of year but I am quite worried that I have seen the cabbage white butterfly in the garden so the next thing will be pests etc. oh well its never the same as the last year and I suppose that's the joy of gardening....  You must take a look at my web site as Christmas isn't far away I have been very busy this week making Garden Aprons and Smocks, so satisfying to think they will be used by other people as passionate about their garden as I am. Also I package everything up so its a real experience just to receive the parcel! Love to have your feedback!
Amanda chilling after a hot morning fruit picking

Rollo trying not to eat them all as Pink are much sweeter!

Kate preparing and weighing.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sweet Williams for Sale!

My first flowers of the year are put out on the side of the road today! All very exciting as I had sown these last season and had to wait all this time to behold their glory. Taking my flower snips and Spring Green Twine I thought I would just gather six bunches and see how they go,  We haven't put the stall out yet so they are hopefully going to stay upright in their galvanized flower buckets. The fragrance is gorgeous and colours so vibrant makes you feel happy to be alive.

Here's a picture of them in the veg patch I have also got quite a few in the flower garden!