Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pick! Pick! Pick!

What a week so many things to pick all at once I am worn out! Have spent most evenings topping and tailing Gooseberries{ Pink and Green!!}. Raspberries, Strawberries,Blackcurrants,Loganberries. So many courgettes too. We have just eaten so much fresh veg and must have exceeded the 5 a day easily and have had lots of fun picking with our friends. Its so good this time of year but I am quite worried that I have seen the cabbage white butterfly in the garden so the next thing will be pests etc. oh well its never the same as the last year and I suppose that's the joy of gardening....  You must take a look at my web site as Christmas isn't far away I have been very busy this week making Garden Aprons and Smocks, so satisfying to think they will be used by other people as passionate about their garden as I am. Also I package everything up so its a real experience just to receive the parcel! Love to have your feedback!
Amanda chilling after a hot morning fruit picking

Rollo trying not to eat them all as Pink are much sweeter!

Kate preparing and weighing.

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