Friday, 5 April 2013

Spring has Sprung

Today I have felt the sun on my back, our new born lambs are springing around and the birds are singing!

This is Doris first lamb of Martha so so cute born on Good Friday. We have 3 lambs at the moment and await the arrival of a few more it has been so cold for them so have put lots of hay in the shelter to snuggle down in.

We managed to plant a row of potatoes on Good Friday and have put a cloche over them, just to say that we have kept up with family tradition! It will be so good to get into the garden at the weekend to get the beds ready and the rest of the willow wound round the arches. I will get my dungarees on which are covered in mud but who cares thats what they are for at least my clothes underneath keep clean and they are so comfy I could wear them all the time.  In fact they are great to cover over all the chocolate I have consumed this Easter! 

Going back to the lambs.  The children have been letting them into the garden to eat all the lush grass in the orchard (the mums that is) so now when you step fourth into any part of the garden they run upto the fence and are so noisy demanding to be allowed in, it is hard to resist, but Martha is quite a handful and difficult to entice back to the field even if you carry Doris with you as bait!


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