Friday, 3 May 2013

Tulips at Last!

This year so far my Tulips have been a disaster. As soon as there poor leaves came up we had the ice colds winds which scorced their leaves leaving them burnt and twisted.  On these rows the flowers now emerging are looking quite sad.

However some are later to come into the world and are looking quite pretty though a little short. The variety Gavota is showing most colour at the mo but I am really looking forward to Shirley and Black Parrot making a apperance as the two together are amazing , I will post a picture when they are out. So for now here is a picture of Gavota a striking red and yellow tulip
There are a few Shirley which I could't resist cutting they are so gorgeous so I have used them in a new photo of my Childrens Garden Box , I think they make for a great fresh Spring scene!!

I really love the maroon edge and inside is a complete joy with a dark maroon centre, I love Tulips and can see what the fuss was all about in 1637 when each bulb was sold for a small fortune! What do you think of the new photo? Hope you like it, took me a while.....

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