Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Damian The Sheep Shearer

Today the annual event of sheep shearing took place at Rectory Farm.  Our six girls had there hot fleeces removed to reveal skinny bodies underneath and much relief as the cool breeze washed over them!
Damian is so good with them and checks them over for any signs of problems, one sheep is getting a bit old so no more lambs for her, but apart from that they are looking good. Timothy gave the lambs a pedicure whilst they waited for their mums to be shaun.  We have put the fleece on the verge free to a good home.  Last time we did this a lady came back with a couple of egg cosy hats that she had knitted from the wool. She took it home and washed it in the bath then spun the fleece, amazing.

Damian our trusty shearer!
Tim giving a pedicure

One sheep seems to come back to find her coat!

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